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Gourd Banjo Kits

June 9, 2015

I present the gourd banjo kit. I have a limited number of gourds to work with so this kit is going to be sold in short runs. About a dozen are already floating around out there.

photo 4

Hear a sound-clip at my website,  You can buy it there or on my ebay page. It comes with nylon strings and has a warm mellow tone. Similar to the DIY kit sound, but more volume and bass. Super easy to assemble and requires no tools at all.

You can put it together and be playing within an hour, or take your time and give it a nice sanding and finish as a weekend project.

I have a few small gourds, so I figure why not make a mini travel sized gourd kit? The scale length is just 17″ (full size kit scale is 24″). Still feels good in your hands and the playability is good. I will have five of them available very soon. Email me if you would like to reserve one:




February 10, 2015


I’ve got a lot of projects going on all at once. Let me update you guys on some of the ones I have mentioned before on this blog.

1. Banjo Book- I’m still editing and drawing pictures for this how-to book. It keeps getting pushed back, but don’t worry- it will be available some day.

2. Minimalist banjos- I have two completed ready-to-play models still available at $100 each. I have several unassembled “banjo kits” still available at $50 each. The kits seem to be a hit and are going fast.

3. Jig dolls- Still have a lot of these left at $25 each shipped.

4. “All seeing hand” gourd banjo is still available. Walnut mountain banjo is still available. Hand gourd fiddle is still available.

5. Inquire about my wooden spoons if you want one.

6. is down for maintenance and upgrades. This wordpress blog functions as my website for now.

The All Seeing Hand

January 31, 2015

photo-1 photo-2 photo-5 photo-4 photo-3                    Banjo #100! And 10 years of building.

I made a hand banjo about two years ago and really enjoyed the challenge of the build. I kind of wanted to revisit the idea…so I did. Illuminati is a huge buzz word these days. I like the creepiness of the image. It’s nothing new though, the image has been around for a very long time.

I carved an eye into the palm of the hand and inlayed cedar for the iris and a very dark bit of walnut for the pupil. The rest of the neck is walnut, but quite a bit lighter than the pupil bit. There isn’t a whole lot of  an angle on the peghead and the shape didn’t lend itself too well to get those strings down from the nut so I drilled holes under the bottom eyelid. The strings enter there and come out on the back side of the hand to attach to the pegs at the fingertips. I wanted the strings to look like they were pouring out of the eyes, kind of like tear drops I suppose.

I took extra care sanding this one. I mean I sanded for days. It really shows in the finish. I rubbed on a few coats of tung oil and it shines like its wet. I’m happy with it.

This banjo is, of course, for sale. I am asking for $600 plus shipping. Email me.