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Gourd Banjo Kits

June 9, 2015

I present the gourd banjo kit. I have a limited number of gourds to work with so this kit is going to be sold in short runs. About a dozen are already floating around out there.

photo 4

Hear a sound-clip at my website,  You can buy it there or on my ebay page. It comes with nylon strings and has a warm mellow tone. Similar to the DIY kit sound, but more volume and bass. Super easy to assemble and requires no tools at all.

You can put it together and be playing within an hour, or take your time and give it a nice sanding and finish as a weekend project.

I have a few small gourds, so I figure why not make a mini travel sized gourd kit? The scale length is just 17″ (full size kit scale is 24″). Still feels good in your hands and the playability is good. I will have five of them available very soon. Email me if you would like to reserve one:



Skinning a Mountain Man (banjo)

June 8, 2015

photo 2

Well, this picture probably doesn’t make the process look easy. I’m realizing that some things are actually easier done than said. How do you get the skin inside a mountain banjo? Its easy really. I just can’t tell you how. Watch this video and it might make more sense than the written directions that I provided in my Mountain Man Banjo Kits. If you have purchased one of these kits and are having trouble with the skin, slow down. Think about the end product. Think about what you are needing to do. You have the top and bottom plates, a skin, a tone ring, some tacks and some screws, put them together in the correct order and you have a banjo.

Appalachian Mountain Banjo

February 3, 2015

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4I’m kind of surprised that this blog gets consistent views despite my sporadic posts. I will make an attempt to update more often. I always have a little project going on and I’ll try to share as it is happening.

I’ve got another mountain banjo for sale here now. It sounds awesome. It looks great. It has steel strings and a frailing scoop, and it is loud. They are my favorite type of banjo.

There are a few other builders of this style of banjo that can be found online. I think mine are a notch above the rest in style. You can own this one for $300 plus shipping. Email me.