Supplies are got

February 21, 2015

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I have stocked up on everything needed to prepare another dozen kits. The first three are scheduled to go out this Monday. Many more available so email for yours! $60 plus shipping.

You will need some wood glue to attach the  two parts of the neck. It is still really easy, there are dowel pins to guide you. You also need something to put the tacks into the pot, like a tack hammer or maybe even a pot or frying pan would work?

Trying to source some cardboard boxes that are the proper dimensions has been a pain so I have resigned to building wooden boxes for every kit here on out, or at least until I find a cardboard box that  is cheap and that I don’t have to cut in half.

Buy a kit at or which will direct you to my ebay page.


DIY banjo kits and website back up

February 17, 2015

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Alright, the new banjo kits are being cut out as of yesterday. The first new kit is pictured above.

My first set of kits were made of pine plywood. This new set is made of fancy hardwood birch ply. It is quite a bit more expensive for me to build, but I am still trying to make this kit as competitively priced as possible. I’m taking the “sell in bulk to make a profit” approach here. I’m so crazy I’m passing the savings on to you!

My brother helps me out a lot with the business. He helps run my ebay pages and has built a website for me. He recently updated it. Some links are still being created and moved around. You can find more info and buy the DIY banjo kit there. The coolest part is that you can hear the banjo there too. Check it out:

Jig Doll day

February 15, 2015


Give this dude a home for $25 shipped.

Banjos going out, new coming in

February 13, 2015


Thanks to everyone that purchased a banjo kit lately. I’m glad they all sold. I spent today going through each kit, making sure that they are all complete and of a quality I can be proud of. I’ll be shipping out most of them tomorrow.

While there is a demand for these, I realize I need to make more. Its a win/win situation here. I got the supplies to make another ten kits. I have made a few improvements. I will be leaving the neck and dowel disconnected for the buyer to glue together. This way I can get each kit packaged into a more convenient box for shipping.

The pot will have a larger drum head to increase volume. The neck and peghead design will stay the same as before. I’m not sure if everyone knows this- the curvy cuts on the side of the fingerboard (double ogees) are not just for looks, they indicate the 5th, 7th and 12th fret positions. This can be useful especially to those that are intimidated by the lack of frets. Fretless is fun!

The best feature of the new kit, in my opinion, is the new material. They will be made of hardwood birch ply rather than the pine ply of the first batch. This gives the banjo a more finished look right out of the box, and will take nicely to any stain or varnish of your choosing. This stronger material will also allow the player to use nylon OR steel strings. I imagine a harder wood will also help increase overall intonation and sustain.

Now for the price. I have sold the first kits at $50 plus $20 for shipping. I want to go ahead and combine the two numbers and account for my slightly higher materials cost to arrive at a price of $80 shipped. That’s $80 for a banjo kit shipped to your house.

I expect to have ten kits ready to ship by Monday the 23rd of this month.  I want to open up to pre-orders today. So email me at if you are interested in the new kit. Everything is included to make your own banjo. All you need is wood glue for the neck and a hammer to tack on the skin. It’s a very simple and rewarding project that pretty much anyone can do over a weekend. And don’t worry if you’ve never built a banjo before! I’ll help you out along the way!

I will also have a detailed how-to video uploaded to youtube for everyone to view. It shows exactly how to assemble these simple banjos from the beginning to end.

Banjo Kits V2.0

February 11, 2015

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I am officially sold out of my first batch of banjo kits. First, this was a test to see how well they would sell. I am amazed. I am already working on a second batch of 10 more right now. They should be up for sale in a week and a half.

I’d like to make the drum head a little bigger so we can get more volume out of these. I am thinking of changing up the neck and head so it is easier and faster for me to cut out. I am also thinking  if I leave the neck and dowel pieces unglued I can get them in a smaller box for shipping.

Thanks for all of the orders and emails. I will keep everyone updated on the next batch here.


February 10, 2015


I’ve got a lot of projects going on all at once. Let me update you guys on some of the ones I have mentioned before on this blog.

1. Banjo Book- I’m still editing and drawing pictures for this how-to book. It keeps getting pushed back, but don’t worry- it will be available some day.

2. Minimalist banjos- I have two completed ready-to-play models still available at $100 each. I have several unassembled “banjo kits” still available at $50 each. The kits seem to be a hit and are going fast.

3. Jig dolls- Still have a lot of these left at $25 each shipped.

4. “All seeing hand” gourd banjo is still available. Walnut mountain banjo is still available. Hand gourd fiddle is still available.

5. Inquire about my wooden spoons if you want one.

6. is down for maintenance and upgrades. This wordpress blog functions as my website for now.

Banjo Kits

February 7, 2015

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I’ve got a lot of projects going at the moment, why don’t you take some off my hands? This is just a test to see if I get any interest. I have a few unfinished banjos that could be a fun little project for a parent/child team. These are super easy to put together. All you need is a hammer to tack the skin in place. And some glue for the nut, though I am thinking I will sell these with the nut already glued in place just to save some trouble.

Kit includes:

-Pre-drilled, pre-shaped neck


-Tuning pegs

-Nylon strings

-Leather tailpiece

-Goat Skin

-Tacks for skin

-Nut and bridge

You can give it a final sanding and paint or varnish it as you please.

I only want $50 per kit (plus shipping). I want to start up a new banjo design project, but I’d like to get a few of these out of the way first to help fund it. Email me at

Wooden Spoon

February 7, 2015


I tried my hand at spoon making today. It’s made from a 14″ scrap piece of walnut with a mineral oil finish. Spoon making is a nice change. I really enjoy making functional art. The idea of a spoon as art is a little funny. It is also a little funny to call this particular spoon “functional”. Maybe I just spent the day making a “decorative” spoon. Oh well.

$30 shipped

Shipping Box

February 5, 2015


Gotta keep that banjo safe in shipping. There is nothing more heartbreaking than getting a crushed instrument. I build simple wooden crates. Here are some pictures of the process.

Limberjack of the week

February 4, 2015

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I’ve got a lot of jig dolls on my hands. I’m going to feature a different one every week until they are all gone. Each is made from up-cycled Oak pallet wood.

Today we meet Bucky.

$25 shipped in US

Email me!