The Daily Frail and DIY Banjo Kits

Patrick Costello has made a great little review for my kits. Visit his website, if you haven’t before. He is a huge figure in the old-time banjo world, and a genuine guy!


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2 Responses to “The Daily Frail and DIY Banjo Kits”

  1. Moss Says:

    I just got my kit a week or so ago. Looks great Brian! I’m still trying to get time to get it together. May sand and stain today. The guy at the local post office thought the box was cool. 🙂 Speaking of the box it saved me the other day when I needed some screws to put up a shelf! Thanks again!

  2. Rob Seaver Says:

    Just got mine last week and finished up staining. Next comes the real work of assembling and not screwing up 🙂 I came upon this site after watching Patrick’s videos, and couldn’t be more thrilled. I love Brian’s work. Can’t wait to finish up and start frailing away!

    Like the previous commenter, I also had to use the screws for a shelf I was putting up!

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