Banjo Kits

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I’ve got a lot of projects going at the moment, why don’t you take some off my hands? This is just a test to see if I get any interest. I have a few unfinished banjos that could be a fun little project for a parent/child team. These are super easy to put together. All you need is a hammer to tack the skin in place. And some glue for the nut, though I am thinking I will sell these with the nut already glued in place just to save some trouble.

Kit includes:

-Pre-drilled, pre-shaped neck


-Tuning pegs

-Nylon strings

-Leather tailpiece

-Goat Skin

-Tacks for skin

-Nut and bridge

You can give it a final sanding and paint or varnish it as you please.

I only want $50 per kit (plus shipping). I want to start up a new banjo design project, but I’d like to get a few of these out of the way first to help fund it. Email me at


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2 Responses to “Banjo Kits”

  1. Jim Rion Says:

    Hey, I saw your ad on I’d love a kit, but I’m in Japan. Any possibility of international shipping?

    Jim Rion

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