The All Seeing Hand

photo-1 photo-2 photo-5 photo-4 photo-3                    Banjo #100! And 10 years of building.

I made a hand banjo about two years ago and really enjoyed the challenge of the build. I kind of wanted to revisit the idea…so I did. Illuminati is a huge buzz word these days. I like the creepiness of the image. It’s nothing new though, the image has been around for a very long time.

I carved an eye into the palm of the hand and inlayed cedar for the iris and a very dark bit of walnut for the pupil. The rest of the neck is walnut, but quite a bit lighter than the pupil bit. There isn’t a whole lot of  an angle on the peghead and the shape didn’t lend itself too well to get those strings down from the nut so I drilled holes under the bottom eyelid. The strings enter there and come out on the back side of the hand to attach to the pegs at the fingertips. I wanted the strings to look like they were pouring out of the eyes, kind of like tear drops I suppose.

I took extra care sanding this one. I mean I sanded for days. It really shows in the finish. I rubbed on a few coats of tung oil and it shines like its wet. I’m happy with it.

This banjo is, of course, for sale. I am asking for $600 plus shipping. Email me.


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