More Upcycled Pallet Wood

I’ve been looking for new ways to build simple and affordable banjos. I think pallet wood is where it’s at. There are stacks of pallets just a few blocks from where I live, and I’ve been wandering over to look through them a lot lately. Some pallets are made completely of oak. Even better, some are made of hard maple and poplar. This discovery has really excited me. 

Now, how can I best utilize this new, free material? I need to come up with a banjo design that is simple as hell and quick to build but still plays well and looks good…I think I’m on to something with this neck design. I’m still working on a simple pot design. I threw a gourd on this neck just to get it out there. I want to sell these banjos at $50 a piece; making them the most affordable fretless banjo on the market.


Check out this string to nut tension system: the strings go through the peghead before attaching to the pegs on the other side.



One Response to “More Upcycled Pallet Wood”

  1. megan mcdiarmid Says:

    How can I get one of these banjos? I have seen them on banjo hangout and almost bought one but now they seem to be impossible to find?

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