Recycled Pallet Banjo

Recycled Pallet Banjo

Working on a tackhead banjo made completely from pallet wood. First, let me ask something: companies just throw these pallets away?! I am amazed! Most pallets that I found were made completely of hardwood like oak, poplar and maple. That’s a lot of potentially great wood just being thrown out.

I started with a 4’x4′ pallet. It had 4 poplar supports and the cross-slats were made of poplar and, to my amazement, oak. I took a circular saw to the whole thing and chopped it up. One of the supports made an excellent banjo neck- just with a few nail holes along the side, which only added character in my opinion. Next, I stacked the slats like a Jenga tower with layers of glue in between. The stack of slats became the pot, which I then put a few pallet nails into to add strength and to keep that pallet vibe going.

Just waiting on some skin and strings to finish it up, I think I will leave it unsealed, just like the pallet it was made from.



One Response to “Recycled Pallet Banjo”

  1. Phil Rowley Says:

    Hi, I LOVE this idea, fantastic! I am a music teacher and banjo player out in San Diego ca. I teach at a elementary school in a very low income area. I am always trying to get instruments into kids hands. Do you have any more diagrams or anything on how you did the pallet banjo? I’d love to know more. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea. Phil

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