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Stepping Up the Game

April 3, 2013


I keep building the same gourd banjos and wondering why it takes so long to sell them. Then I figured, why not make every banjo different? Design-wise, I want every banjo I make to be different here on out. This banjo has a carved neck. Look at that, it’s an “f” shape on the neck. This one also has an extra thumb string at the 12th fret position. If you know how to play drop-thumb this is the banjo for you. It sounds really good with that extra string and those nylgut strings on the gourd. You can hear this one on my youtube page: This one is currently for sale!


My Wooden Left Hand

April 3, 2013


One day I looked down at my hand and said: “that’s pretty neat”. Then I put my hand on a board and traced it. Then I started cutting and before I knew it I had a wooden hand. This is a close replica of my own hand. It was a fun project. It was made from 23 separate pieces with some neat inlay. It has fully functioning fingers and a thumb along with a functioning wrist joint.

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