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Gourd Banjo for Sale!

January 20, 2012

Here she is, the first of many for the year 2012. This is a home-grown gourd. I am proud to say it looks like I will be building at least ten more gourd banjos in the coming months with the gourds I grew over the summer. I learned a lot about growing gourds this season and I can’t wait to give it another go this spring.

f sound hole

I feel like I have finally reached the point where I think, hear, feel and see that my banjos are worth something. People say I have been underselling myself for a long time. I have always offered my banjos at a very low price. I think I sold them for what they were truly worth, but sure, maybe I could have gotten more for them. That is not the point to me. I want to price these banjos at what I think they are worth, or in other words, what I would be willing to pay for them. My work has greatly increased in quality over the years and I have learned a lot about acoustics and woodworking. I have never sold an instrument that I was not proud of, but now there is no doubt in my mind that my banjos are of a high quality.

The neck is solid walnut. Bone nut. Handmade walnut tuning pegs. Goatskin head. Nylon strings. Leather tailpiece.


Send me a message or email at if you are interested!