Mountain banjo complete. $350 plus $25 shipping

I just strung up this beautiful mountain banjo today. It took me a bit longer to get done than I planned, but the extra time put in really shows. The hand-rubbed oil finish is flawless. The grain pops and shines. I went with an old Gibson style for the peghead as opposed to my traditional peghead design.

It doesn’t get any better than this. This banjo is top of the line. It plays like a dream and sounds awesome. If you’ve never played a fretless banjo you need to play this one.  I will include two different sized bridges so you can adjust for humidity changes.

Check it out on banjohangout:

-solid walnut

-bone nut

-brass hardware

-steel strings

-frailing scoop

-goat skin head

-my own special simplified pot design

-100% handmade, including the pegs, bridge and nut


2 Responses to “Mountain banjo complete. $350 plus $25 shipping”

  1. Dan Boyle Says:

    Is this banjo or one like it available?

  2. Eric Says:

    very nice…are you still makin these? I am interested in a fretless mountain banjo

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