Head for the hills! The mountain banjos are coming.

Here are the beginnings of a couple of walnut mountain banjos. These are the flagship banjos of Carver Banjos. Made out of 100% walnut with a flawless finish and steel strings. These banjos are LOUD. These banjos are DURABLE. Keep an eye out for these they will be done in a few days.

The Carver Mountain Banjo is based off the banjos featured in Foxfire 3. I made a few simplifications to the design by eliminating the need for the inner rim piece.

When I first heard the mountain banjo I was intrigued. I didn’t know they existed. I started doing some research and found out as much as I could about them. They are so simple, so beautiful. The tone is completely unique; tinny yet somehow warm.

Here is one of my favorite mountain banjo clips:


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